Porsche Cayman S: Harbouring greatness

It was surreal. I was sitting in the driver’s seat and all I could see was that nice arch rising along the edge of the bonnet and falling into the endless Arabian Sea. Which is when I realised I was sitting inside something rare – a classic, perfect sportscar – and staring at something equally rare – untouched, protected open space in Mumbai: the eastern seafront.

Amongst the predictability of Mumbai’s tourist spots… Gateway of India, Marine Drive, Shah Rukh Khan’s house, Mumbai’s eastern seafront is still an unfrequented, protected stretch of landmass kissing the eastern seaside of the megapolis. It’s got the docks, the warehouses, the container yards, the fish markets… With places like Dockyard Road – the station to get down at to get to Mazgaon Docks - and Cotton Green – which used to be a hub of activity when Mumbai was Bombay, and Bombay was the cotton capital of the world at the turn of the 20th century. And then, there are the fish markets. Here, fresh catch from the sea is sold to the highest bidders, who then sell them to the biggest restaurants and markets in Mumbai.