Porsche Cayman S: Harbouring greatness

The eastern seafront is the genesis of Mumbai.

The eastern seafront is what turned this confluence of seven tiny islands into one mighty metropolis. And in all of Mumbai’s politics regarding outsiders, natives, changing names and land sharks, the eastern seafront has been forgotten by most people. But it continues to influence the city’s fortunes. If activity here shuts down, there would be no Mumbai.

Like the Porsche Cayman. The Cayman S to be precise. In today’s race for mindless horsepower, sophisticated technology, and 0-100 bar-stool arguments, the Cayman is a bit of a misfit. You see, 321bhp is nothing when hatchbacks like the Merc A45 AMG or the Audi RS3 make more power. At 4.99 seconds to 100kph, it’s nowhere close to Ferrari or Koenigsegg territory. Moreover, they will always tell you sportscars need compromises. They will need you to develop a spine of steel because of the hard suspension. They will also need you to develop a spine of rubber to bend and contort so you can get in and out of one.

The all-new Cayman rubbishes such theories. What it offers you is very simple: a sportscar you can have fun with at realistic speeds over realistic roads in realistic traffic.