Porsche Cayman S: Harbouring greatness

The numbers
Engine: 3436cc, flat-six, petrol
Power: 321bhp @ 7400rpm
Torque: 370Nm @ 4500-5800rpm
Transmission: 7A, RWD
Top speed: 283kph (claimed)
Weight: 1350kg
Boot capacity: 150 litres (front), 162 litres (rear)
Fuel tank: 64 litres
Price: Rs 95 lakh (ex-Mumbai, est)

TG Performance test
0-100kph: 4.99sec
30-50kph: 1.07sec
50-70kph: 1.60sec
80-0kph: 23.42m, 2.45sec
City kpl: 6
Highway kpl: 4.7 (when you’re gunning it. Best way to drive)
Average: 5.35kpl
Full tank range: 350km

Pros: Ride comfort, handling, steering feel, everyday usability, transmission, visibility

Cons: Things that should come standard are optional, including the louder exhaust note

The verdict
The best sportscar ever made.

Rating: 9/10