Porsche Macan: Genetic engineering

It’s 9 o’clock on a chilly February evening. We’re at the Porsche Technical Centre at Leipzig, (formerly East) Germany. In the distance, we can see cars doing the rounds on the in-house test track, which for some reason is aso a certified FIA racetrack! Knowing the European love for life after office hours, it is a bit unusual to see work underway in full swing at that hour. “Well, there is a lot of demand and we need to deliver these cars soon,” says a Porsche employee.

Lot of demand is probably an understatement. To give you an idea, Porsche has earmarked 50,000 cars for the first year of production at this plant. News is that possibly all of them are already sold out, or at least booked. Without even being driven! Thankfully, Porsche saw this demand coming. In fact, it expects the Macan segment – same as the Range Rover Evoque – to grow rapidly over the next year, globally. Which is why it built the third line at its Leipzig plant in record time.