Porsche Panamera D: Capital D

Porsche now has a solution. The Panamera D. It’s a proper four-door sportscar with the space to carry four, and all the luxuries of a full-fledged limousine. More importantly, it doesn’t need any hard-to-find fuel – it uses the sticky stuff.

But there’s a fly in the solution. The petroleum ministry is now finalising a decision to de-control and de-subsidise diesel and ‘systematically’ increase its price by 50 paise per month, in a bid to decrease the gap between diesel and petrol. But that would mean taking away half the fun and practicality of having such great cars that run on diesel.

So, as a symbolic appeal to the president, we’re driving the Panamera D from Mumbai to Delhi, to ask him to stop taxing and de-subsidising the fuel that powers this car, as well as the lakhs of other vehicles that run up and down this country.