Porsche Panamera D: Capital D

If you think the Aston Martin Rapide’s rear seats are spacious enough for grand tours, then the Porsche’s are more like business class – big and comfortable, with individual position and climate controls. It also has extendable under-thigh support, ideal for long journeys. And for a little extra, you can get front seat controls at the back, so you can increase rear legroom if the front seat is vacant. The car that accompanied us had a rear-seat entertainment package that includes two screens, USB and Aux inputs and wireless headphones.

Of course, all that sportiness and the long list of features don’t come cheap. The Panamera D that we tested is pegged at Rs 1.46 crore (ex-Maharashtra).

If you look at it as a bhp-per-rupee ratio, it won’t appeal to you. What you need to remember is that it offers a great package whichever seat you take, front or rear.