Range Rover Sport: Red Label

There seems to be no way a huge SUV will make it through a path that’s as narrow as a bathroom inside a congested Mumbai apartment. And the all-new Range Rover Sport is huge. It has very comfortable seating for five, and two small humans can sit in the last row.

You can’t see the seats in the last row, but the RR Sport is a proper 5+2. The +2 seats are tucked away nicely at the rear, flush with the floor of the boot. Those seats don’t make the Sport an MPV, but you can have seven or maybe six-and-a-quarter people inside the car if it comes to that.

So with all that space inside and its imposing presence from the outside, the Sport is faced with this nearly impossible task of tackling some narrow English woods. Which is when I realise how compact the RR Sport actually is. From the driver’s seat, there’s excellent visibility all-around. I can properly see the edges of the bonnet, the A and B pillars never intrude into my around-the-corner vision, and if I am in any doubt, I just switch on the cameras under each of the wing mirrors and get a bird’s-eye view of the space that the car’s negotiating.