Range Rover Velar: Thunderball

It’s lunchtime on a lazy Sunday and we’re on a scarcely populated beachfront not very far from Mumbai. It’s surprisingly clean and the waters have been calm all throughout the weekend. With most of the fishermen folk out in the middle of the sea, roughing it out with the crabs, the shore is left pretty much deserted, making it for a perfect driving beach. Or so I thought. After the initial few hours of mucking around and sporting a grin all morning, things take a U-turn as I find myself flustered like a cat that’s accidentally fallen into a bathtub filled with cold water while having some fun with the curtains.   

I’m ruffled as I’m at the wheel of the all-new Range Rover Velar that’s lost 90 per cent of its engine power and stuck at the shore. With the tide rising rapidly, I’m losing time faster than you would while waiting for an elevator in a three-storey apartment. There’s practically not a single soul on the beach that I can cry for help. Our photographer Rajeev, who was till then capturing the glorious moments, realises I’ve somehow botched up big time and rushes towards the coastline in search of assistance.

Almost magically, he emerges a couple of minutes later from a distance with four villagers in tow. In my 33 years of existence, never have I ever felt so reassured seeing four strange men running towards me.