Range Rover vs Polaris: Unfair and Lovely

I take the word ‘versus’ quite seriously. Come to think of it, all of us at TopGear take it quite seriously. The EcoSport mega comparo in the last issue, for instance, should give you some idea how seriously we take the word. For this comparo, though, we decided to go a bit loony.

The primary ingredients were two vehicles with serious off-road cred, but both worlds apart. On my left is the world heavyweight champion of luxury off-roading, the Land Rover Range Rover from Great Britain. On my right is the featherweight champion of the 4x4 circuit, the much loved Polaris Ranger RZR 800 4 (‘4’ denotes number of seats) from the US of A.

What brings both these beasts face to face is the ‘8’ factor – the Rangie has a V8 mill under its hood, and the RZR has a sub-800cc twin-cylinder motor. Sounds silly? So does a luxury SUV versus adventure vehicle comparo.

A bit about our contenders. The RZR 800 has been specially designed to deal with the unique stresses of off-roading. Its ground clearance is a ridiculous 292.1mm, so there’s very little it will scrape its underbelly over no matter how harsh the terrain.