Reborn to be wild

Change is a constant. Change is a good thing. But I’m not too convinced a lot of people understand why so exactly. Well, to me, that’s mostly because change has the potential to break the chain of monotony and in turn, disinterest. Change is, difference. But being different doesn’t always mean it’s for the better. Confused much? Let me simplify things, it’s kind of like the recent slew of Marvel and DC movies. Think of what would happen if the guys behind DC’s Justice League flicks asked their directors, scriptwriters, and cinematographers to replicate Marvel’s Avengers series of movies. It would just be a question of seeing the same plot and storylines where everything starts off being goofy-calm, followed by some explosion of evil, then the good guys figure out a solution, get a sound thrashing while watching their plan fall apart and finally figure some other way to overcome the evil before the movie ends. This would make superhero movies super boring, because the heroes would be robbed of their core character strengths. A change was necessary. While Marvel chose to make their movies more fun-oriented, DC flicks are seen in a more serious light. Change is the modern way.