Red Bull X-Fighters: Flying Bulls

What they do is pretty apparent from the photographs, no? On the way to check out the venue, I tag along with the two Nicks. Franklin plugs his iPod to the stereo and immediately starts singing along with Eminem who seems mad at the world and chooses to express himself with unmentionable things about mothers. I ask them whether doing what they do requires an absence of fear or understanding it better than others.

De Wit says, “Fear is always there. You’d be stupid to not be afraid. But concentrating on technique and focussing on results helps you overcome the fear.” What’s the scariest trick he’s done, then? “Learning the backflip, I suppose. That was really scary”. Franklin continues singing.

They don’t ride on roads back home – South Africa for De Wit and New Zealand for Franklin. It’s too dangerous, they say. Unbelievable coming from guys who keep aiming for the skies on their motorcycles. De Wit seems a bit apprehensive about Delhi traffic, as he peers over the driver’s shoulder. I ask them how old they are and am instantly asked how old I think they are. I say 25 apiece. They say 30. As I’ve often seen, bikers tend to keep younger than most folks. The greater the risk, the younger they appear.