Red Bull’s X2014 cars: more pics

If you've inserted your Gran Turismo 6 cassette into your video games console in the correct manner, you will soon be able to race a car penned by Red Bull's tech genius Adrian Newey: the RB X2014.

It's a car designed for the virtual realm, with no restrictions or limitations like you get in any motorsports formula, and is thus the purest of pure speed machines available. Now there are three.

Available as an update for GT6, the first of these three cars is the RB X2014 Junior, while we are assured a later update will add the RB X2014 Standard car, and the RB X2014 Fan car. No more tech info has been released, so for now, just have a gander through these pics.

Reckon you could design something better? Click on to see if you can. (clue: no, you really can't)

Pictured: Red Bull X2014 Standard car