Riding the Harley XR1200X from Bikaner to Jaisalmer

Thing is, the XR-X might be the sportiest Harley around, but like other Harleys it concentrates more on torque than high-revving mayhem. This is why the XR-X redlines at 6500rpm when competitors like the Ducati Monster rev upto 8000rpm. The competition also produces 10-15Nm less torque than the XR-X.

All that torque does make the clutch feel heavy, especially in city traffic. On an open piece of road though, the story is different. Just slot the XR-X into gear and the rear tyre provides tremendous grip as the 260kg bike lunges forward. The 17-inch Dunlop D209 Qualifier rear tyre was specifically developed to handle the massive torque this motor produces.

There was ample opportunity to use all that torque on our way to Jaisalmer. This highway mostly consists of straight roads and long bends. There are no sudden twists and turns and road quality is mostly consistent. Also, low traffic density makes this highway perfect for amateurs and experienced bikers alike. And yes, not to forget the scenic beauty that follows you all the way.