Riding the Harley XR1200X from Bikaner to Jaisalmer

What makes the XR-X all the more fun to ride on these roads is the upright seating position, which is towards the sportier side. Upswept handlebars are designed for easy reach and the seat is comfortable while cornering or cruising. The foot pegs, seat and handlebar are perfectly placed. This may be the sportiest bike that Harley has in its stable, but it’s still comfortable enough for long-distance riding.

With that big engine and sporty dynamics, I finally got bored puttering around at double-digit speeds. So shifting down to third, I twisted the accelerator. The revs build fast and the bike climbs effortlessly to 120kph. The exhaust produces a thunderous note that gets deeper as the needle moves closer to the redline.

The best I managed was a top speed of 172kph. I think with the tall fifth gear, you’d need a much longer stretch of road to reach Harley’s claimed 200kph top speed.