Road Tripping

A holiday in Maldives, or a skiing trip to the Alps – turning these dreams into reality can be as tricky as putting a monkey on the moon. Okay. Not that tricky. But really, as someone who thinks he has achieved the unthinkable when he gets into a packed 9:30 am Mumbai local, I’d like to give a 21-gun salute to Sebastien Houisse and his partner, Soizic.

The French couple, both in their thirties and based in Toulouse, some 585km from Paris, gave up well-paying jobs, sold their house, furniture and cars to fund their dream – to travel around the world in their 1966 Volkswagen Microbus. For Microbus enthusiasts, this is the split-window or Splitie version. How did they do it?

Well, they just drove. And when land ended, they just shipped themselves and their car to the next piece of land. Now in the 10th month of their journey, they are in Mumbai and I meet them at the Strand Hotel near the Gateway of India to talk about both, the trip and the VW, which has been their home for almost a year now.