Road Tripping

First off, I ask them why a 1966 Microbus. “I like the concept of being able to drive, sleep and cook inside the car and there aren’t many cars which allow you to do that. It’s a classic, so a lot of people like this car and you also end up conversing with them,” says Sebastien.

The idea of touring the world drew mixed reactions from their families. Soizic’s father, who has done similar tours to Africa, was open to the idea. But Sebastien’s mother was apprehensive. Anyway, they set off for the US in July 2012, and from there, visited Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Cambodia, putting his mother’s concerns to rest. His sister liked the idea and even joined them for two weeks in Thailand.

The VW has seen all sorts of roads, from unending stretches of tarmac to pothole-ridden ones. “I carry a lot of spare parts and have made quite a few modifications on the car myself,” he says. Among the DIY mods, Sebastien tuned the car’s engine and increased its capacity from 1.5 to 1.8 litres by replacing the stock pistons and cylinders with bigger ones and attaching an external oil filter system. In addition to fitting disc brakes on the front wheels, he also changed the driveshaft and gearbox. “Plus I increased the ground clearance of the car when I arrived in India,” he says. That’s flattering, thank you.