Road Tripping

In India, their journey began from Chennai, and moved upwards to Pondicherry, Bangalore, Goa, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh and then back down to Mumbai. Sebastien believes the good thing about living out of a car is that it’s your house. So if you meet new people and wish to stay longer, you are not obligated to leave at a prescribed time, which happens when you are in a hotel.

Talking about some of their more memorable experiences, Sebastien says the beautiful landscapes, the great encounters with strangers and the help they received from the unlikeliest of quarters are some of the things they will always cherish. “When my steering wheel developed a problem in Japan, a company that made aftermarket parts offered me one for free. In Manhattan, we were helped by a family who gave us a room for two days while our van was getting repaired.” 

On trips like these, breakdowns are imminent and this trip was no exception. “Once, in the US, I found the oil seal had broken and we had to remove the engine and change the clutch. The other time, in Delhi, the steering box cover cracked”.  But these setbacks have far from dented Sebastien and Soizic’s spirits. Dubai, Iran, Turkey and Greece, brace yourselves because the Combi’s headed your way.