Road Tripping

Soizic gave up her teaching career while her partner sold his business of importing motor homes, and set out with a €24,000 (around Rs 17 lakh) budget for the trip. But visa delays and increased airfare and shipping costs are making it tough. About their worst experiences in India, Sebastien describes the harrowing time they had in Chennai, while collecting the car from the docks. It took over two days to get it from Customs – in Singapore, it had taken two hours.

For those of us perenially putting off our world travel plans due to constraints of time, finance or career, this couple is all the inspiration we need. Sebastien does agree it’s not the easiest thing to do, chucking up everything and risking the future. “But if you really want to live your dream, you have to sacrifice something. And if you do it in a classic car, it’s even better.”

So while Sebastien and Soizic add a been-there-done-that against the ‘World Trip’ on their bucket list, they also give you reason to think again before adding “after retirement/saving enough” against yours. As for me, well, the time has come to wipe the dust off my Bajaj Chetak and get it back on the road. There’s a local train every 10 minutes, anyway.

(Words: Nishant Parekh, Photos: Neville Shukla, Sebastien Houisse)