Royal Enfield Bullet 500: A Royal Returns

First thing you notice is the retro Royal Enfield badge, given prime real estate on the fuel tank. The redesigned logo is now more contemporary but still retains the grace of the old one. Around this is a hand-painted silver stripe, much loved by Bullet owners.

The single-piece seat is well padded and comfortable on long rides. For added comfort, there’s a grab rail with some padding – we’re not sure how useful it’ll be but it looks neat. The bike’s overall design echoes the Classic 500 and nowhere is this more obvious than the rear. The tail-light is a lift from the Classic and rounds of the retro mood.

The Bullet we got came in the traditional Metallic Black, but it’s also available in Forest Green, the colour that most Bullet owners will go for. Get on to the bike, and you see more classic Bullet markers, like that instrument pod, which comes with a speedometer, analogue milometer and ammeter.