Royal Enfield Bullet V-Twin: Seeing Double

All I can do is shake my head. So much so that my head is in imminent danger of rolling clean off the shoulders it’s perched on, but this illusion just won’t disappear. A V-twin Bullet? And more or less a homemade project? Isn’t stuff like this what every motorcyclist – age and experience no bar – dreams of doing? Yes, yes and yes.

As should be the case, it takes two nutcases to make a twin-cylinder Bullet. Dean Fernandes and Anand Bhalerao are as good examples of motorcycle nutcases as I’ve ever seen. In fact, they might even be a couple of notches above the rest of us, now that I’m standing in front of their creation, a V-twin Bullet that’s mostly made from stock Bullet parts. They only got the bottom-end, crankshaft and connecting rods made the way they wanted them. Only. Heh.