Royal Enfield Bullet V-Twin: Seeing Double

These two met a few years ago through a common friend. Anand is a Bullet-mad chap, while Dean’s got a tonne of experience with multi-cylinder motorcycles. Their two brains combined to fire up a Royal Enfield-based twin in their imaginations. But life is never that simple, is it? Various family and work commitments, a wedding for Dean, a nasty  biking accident for Anand (I think Anand is the luckier one) and hundreds of trial-and-error engineering situations ensured it took nearly five years before their thoughts turned into the motorcycle standing in front of me today. It’s been quite a journey, they assure me. I take their word without question.

Two AVL-designed aluminium barrels were chosen for their compactness instead of the older cast-iron designs, to face off at a 45-degree angle and make a 700cc V-twin. Most parts in the engine are stock Bullet items, although some have been modified for use in this particular layout. Best part is, it doesn’t even look like a homemade job. It looks as if Bullets were always meant to be V-twins. Apart from that engine and the slightly modified chassis downtube, this bike is a mish-mash of stock Bullet parts. Right down to the ribbed front tyre. There’s only one good thing made from rubber that’s ribbed and it’s certainly not a motorcycle front tyre.