Royal Enfield Bullet V-Twin: Seeing Double

But before that, the V-twin shows me what it’s made of – sheer, unadulterated, absolutely raw torque. I ensure that I build up enough speed before I open the throttle liberally and, with an almighty roar, the bike nearly twists the rear wheel into knots before hurtling forward with a feeling I’ve never experienced. I mean, a V-twin Bullet can’t feel like a Harley or a Ducati, can it?! It’s got identity, no doubt about that.

The current cafe racer set up’s clip-ons are a bit too extreme for me and I’m riding it on public roads. Most importantly, I don’t want to be the one who blew up the only V-twin Bullet on the continent, so I don’t push it too much. But I can feel that this thing wants to charge at whatever road you point it towards. It revs freely, although not a whole lot, and builds momentum the way only a two-in-one Bullet can and burbles angrily on the overrun. Once the filters and exhausts are bolted on and the fuelling sorted, it will be even sweeter to ride.