Royal Enfield Bullet V-Twin: Seeing Double

Getting off the bike only makes me want to ride it more, but it’s time to go home. I ask Dean the inevitable question, “How much?” A couple of minutes’ worth furrowed brows and mathematical mumblings later, he says, “A lot!”. Pressed further, he says, “We’ve spent Rs 3-4 lakh each (on each bike, or each of the two of them).”

Noticing my raised eyebrows and dropped jaw, Anand hastens to add that it was only because they're venturing into the unknown and have wasted resources on trial and error. Tentatively, he says production units will cost Rs 3-4 lakh for a complete motorcycle. That’s a lot more value than most other “customised” Bullets out there. So, what RE should be doing in its factory, these chaps plan to do at home. They’ve applied to ARAI for homologation and plan to patent a few things too. Perhaps if they make a UCE-based motor, RE might show some interest.

Nonetheless, this beast – the first of its kind in India – leaves me speechless. It’s not meant to exist, but it does. Against all laws of nature, it lives. Agreed, it’s not perfect yet, but now that it lives, perfecting it should be the easy part. After all, two rights never make a wrong, right?

(Words: Kartik Ware; Photos: Himanshu Pandya)