Royal Enfield Himalayan vs Mahindra Mojo

This sort of thing usually works, right? Similar motorcycles on paper, sort of closely matched on three or four parameters, they empty your wallet by roughly the same amount of money, you know, that sort of thing.

Well, the Mahindra Mojo and the Royal Enfield Hialayan come pretty close to each other in this respect, except they seem to be completely different motorcycles in the real world, by perhaps a country mile or so. Take a good hard look at them, don’t you think so? No? May be you should go to an ophthalmologist then.

Anyway, the thing about these two motorcycles is that their similarities overwhelm their differences, or so we believe. And we aren’t being silly about things like they both have two wheels and one engine. No. We’re talking about proper stuff, that makes sense, like they cost just under Rs 2 lakh, they make power around the mid-twenties, and similar amounts of torque, too. They even weigh pretty much the same. Come on, you have to see where this is going. Right?