Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500: Cruise Missile

And it’s not just straight roads that the T500 is built for. On our way to Ooty, we were treated to 36 hairpin turns, and the Thunderbird pleasantly surprised us by leaning into every tight corner effortlessly. I’ve ridden the older bike, which is why I realise what a big leap this is. So despite all that mass, it feels light on its feet, not only in corners, but also weaving through traffic.

Low-speed engine vibration is in check, but as you reach triple-digit speeds, it rises – but that’s something you expect from a 500cc single-cylinder engine. The T500 does a good job of filtering out most vibration, but some remains, most noticeably on the footpegs. But then, given the goodies the new T500 comes with, we’re sure Enfield loyalists won’t complain much about this inconvenience.