RR Sport to Africa’s highest pub

Welcome to no-man's land, population zero. We exited South Africa at the base of the Sani Pass, the border post no more than a couple of Nissen huts and a barbed-wire fence strung across the hillside. Passports stamped, gate slammed behind the Range Rover Sport, and now we are in no-man's land. The Lesotho border lies at the top of the pass, a thousand metres straight up and 32 kilometres along the track. We're stranded in the space between countries.

My first thought is the only logical one when you find yourself abandoned in a place without laws: so this means we can drive as fast as we want, right? Turns out to be a moot point. Yes, I am loose with a 288bhp RRS in the land that traffic police forgot, but I'm also on a road impossible to tackle at more than 30kph: rutted rock and gravel, tight hairpins and thousand-foot drops off the barrierless edges. Potential for non-speeding-based crime, too, is limited, there being no one, literally no one around to be criminal toward.