Series business: Classic Land Rovers

Words and photography: Debabrata Sarkar

Slow travel, a way of exploring places that involves covering short distances and staying stationary for long periods of time to soak up everything around and see the place as a local would. Here, outside Bangalore, it is slightly different, though. We’re taking in views from a campsite few have seen and sleeping under the stars in a forest even fewer have visited; all of this as we roam elephant corridors along the Cauvery basin in a couple of classic Series Land Rovers. Cars that feel perfectly at home on these dirt trails and blend into the scenery as if they were always there, minding their own business, getting on with what they do best – explore.

Sounds surreal, doesn’t it? It pretty much is, especially when you consider these classic Land Rovers mean covering limited distances, which sort of enforces the slow travel bit here.