Should this be Putin’s new limo?

Sick of being chauffeured in a Mercedes S-Class, Russia's gun-loving, judo-chopping, F1 car-driving President has decided that he wants something a little more patriotic on the fleet.

We'd recommend an armor plated Soviet workhorse like the Lada Niva, but Russian truck, heavy equipment and armored vehicle manufacturer Zavod imeni Likhachova (better known as ZiL) have instead been tasked with the job of fixing him up a new ride. The problem is they haven't built a limousine in a while. This has led people of the interwebs to send their designs in to try and help out. And what you see above is Yaroslav Yakovlev and Bernd Weel's attempt. It's car that uses Russian architecture as a cue and "holds a majestic style that is full of classicism that mostly resembles power and authority."

With a long hood, upright windscreen and swept back it looks perfect for a vodka-swigging leader of the free world. It doesn't mention what's on the inside but we're imagining lots of curry hooks to hang Ushankas, shot glass shaped cup holders and the obligatory dashcam at the front.

If Vlad doesn't like it, we suggest they should paint it pink, and another set of wheels and give it to the Russian Lady Penelope as FAB1. Don't you? Click on for more...