Skoda Octavia: Lucky no. 8

Ever the glorious history of automobiles the world over, there are car models that have changed the fortunes of their makers. And then there are models that have been instrumental in annihilating their creators. That’s why we see carmakers, time and again, bringing back only their popular model names – hoping to relive the glory all over again. While some of those celebrated names simply head for a slow death, a few manage to bring the magic back to life.

The Octavia is one of those fortune-changer models for Skoda, and it has been that since 1959, when the Czech carmaker first used the Octavia moniker on one of its sedans – which remained in production till 1971. It was one of its bestseller models of that era. So, when the Volkswagen Group took over the reins of the Czech car company, the Octavia name was resurrected in 1996, for an all-new model.