Skoda Octavia: Lucky no. 8

Wondering what ‘Octavia’ stands for? The word originated in Latin and the only meaning to it is ‘eight’. In the older days, the name was reserved for the eighth child in a family. And that’s how Skoda first started using the name back in the ’50s, calling the eighth model it built the Octavia.

So in 2001, when the VW Group wanted to enter our market, it used its trump card and launched the much admired Skoda Octavia here. As expected, it took the market by storm. Then, in 2005, the second-generation Octavia found its way to India, only it was called the Laura and sold alongside the first-gen Octi. Cut to 2013 – the third-gen sedan is back in India, and we are glad Skoda hasn’t bothered looking for another side-splitting name. Instead, the new Octavia will be sold alongside the Laura, which will be replaced... eventually.