Skoda Octavia: Lucky no. 8

What’s new about this Octavia, then? Everything! This isn’t a facelift or a revision. This is a generation change, meaning the new sedan is actually all-new. It’s the first Skoda model to be developed on VW’s highly flexible MQB platform, which will eventually form the basis for future Skoda models. We are told the modular platform can churn out cars a segment lower and higher than the Octavia.

So it’s as flexible as a Lego kit, in which you easily remove a few blocks here and there to build a completely new structure. For the new Octavia, the MQB platform means a world of good. First off, interior space has gone up by a great margin, so it feels only a shade smaller than the Superb. Okay, slight exaggeration, but yes, it is quite roomy at the back. The wheelbase is now 110mm longer than the Laura’s, which directly translates into dramatic enhancement of legroom on both rows. And that, we believe, will be the key to stardom for this executive sedan.