Skoda Octavia: Saloon of the Year

There’s always been a bit of a debate – even confusion to a certain extent – when it came to classifying the body type of the Octavia. Pop the boot open and the rear glass swings right up to give you access to the large boot – which makes it a notchback. But slam it shut it, and the Octavia looks pretty much like a regular saloon, drives like a saloon and costs what a saloon would. At TopGear, that makes it a saloon.

The new Octavia is based on the new MQB platform. Which itself is a great start to building a nice-handling saloon. Ask it go around a bend at higher-than-normal speeds and the Octy obeys without any questions. Sure, there’s a bit of body roll, but it still takes a corner with absolute confidence. And ride quality hasn’t been compromised to give you that handling. The ride is supple and the suspension absorbs potholes easily.