Spec comparo: KTM 390 Duke v BMW G 310 R


The KTM 390 has always offered a massive bang for your buck. At Rs 2.4 lakh ex-showroom, no motorcycle in this price range can offer performance that rivals the KTM. BMW has positioned their motorcycle a little higher than the KTM – at Rs 2.9 lakh ex-showroom. It may not offer you the same performance as the KTM, but you are buying in to the BMW brand, and that is something rather special. It is hard to say where things stand for now, as motorcycles are ridden out on the road and not on paper. The fact that you can get yourself a TVS Apache RR 310 – essentially the same motorcycle as the G 310 R under that fairing – for nearly Rs 1 lakh less only throws a monkey wrench in to the equation. As things stand, it certainly looks like the KTM has an edge, simply by undercutting the BMW on pricing, but we’re going to have to ride both bikes back to back to be conclusive.