Step Brothers: Bajaj Pulsar and KTM Duke

The Duke is the descendant of an illustrious line of hell-raisers of the Orange Dynasty. And it leers at the Pulsar’s school-bus yellow. This particular Duke’s gone under the surgeon’s spanner and changed its face to a Powerparts-supplied one. And while at it, it’s had a nip and tuck at the rear too, with a tail-tidy kit. The result is a smoking hot silhouette that would turn gymnasts green with envy. But the KTM wasn’t expecting a fight.

While the Duke flexes its scaled-down-international muscles, the Pulsar gnashes back with a homegrown aggression that is as striking as it is refreshing. With its super-cool fang-lights, the Pulsar is out for blood. There are cues of the older Pulsar’s design traits, but other than the tail-light, you’re never quite sure what it is that you find similar. It’s like the older Pulsar turned into the Incredible Hulk, retaining some faint resemblance to the original. And that’s enough for the KTM to keep its distance.