Step Brothers: Bajaj Pulsar and KTM Duke

However, the Pulsar gets a godawful mass of plastic on the rear wheel, due to some mystical motor vehicle regulations. And even though Bajaj has tried hard to make the thing look good, I’m sure prospective customers will walk into Bajaj dealerships with the appropriate spanner in hand, itching to take it off. Quality-wise, the Duke has the edge on its brother. You don’t even get a clue that it’s made by Bajaj - until you look at the hand levers and the back-lit switches; trademark Bajaj stuff.

Onto matters of the motor, now - they might share most of their hearts, but they certainly don’t beat alike. To put to rest all speculation, the Pulsar is not a cheaper Duke. They’re two sides of the same coin, despite the Pulsar’s coin... er, motor being based on the Duke’s. Proof that engines do not make motorcycles and that motorcycles are more than mere sums of their parts. The NS feels like the Pulsars of yore - only, it’s quicker, faster and more confident everywhere. And yes, I feel that imbuing this motor with the sound and feeling of the older bikes is a deliberate thing. Either that or multiple spark plugs have that effect on any motor.