Step Brothers: Bajaj Pulsar and KTM Duke

The NS is a superb handler and when these two are sparring over bad roads, the Pulsar has more than a fighting chance of knocking the Duke out. It’s the Pulsar’s firm yet supple suspension setup at work here and it allows you unleash the full extent of that engine’s potential. Braking is excellent, though it serves to highlight to sole weak link in the dynamics - the tyres. I’ve had it with Bajaj being miserly with their tyre budgets and I also know now where they skimped to keep the price tag under a lakh.

Honestly, the tyres offer decent grip, but not enough feedback, and there’s even more handling to be extracted should the Pulsar get more confidence-inspiring rubber. However, the fact that the tyres and top-end refinement are the only real niggles to be found shows how good the new Pulsar really is. Plus, on this particular ride, the Pulsar averages 34kpl to the Duke’s 28kpl, making the KTM look like a drunkard.