Stig drives the Jaguar Project 7

We know the F-Type can slide... but with the 7, the slide goes on for longer and the smoke somehow clings to the car and follows you down the road. It pours over the rear deck like dry ice over a stage. It billows over the sides of the car and over the tiny screen. It's like being blown along on the breath of an especially grumpy dragon.

This thing is obviously programmed to show off. The regular V8 is not a particularly understeery car, but whatever nosiness was there has almost disappeared, and it feels very willing to swing its bum around. And, although we're told the springs are a touch softer, they also have a little less weight to shoulder, especially over the rear.

The upshot is a car that's easier to unsettle, but also one that's less likely to help you out once you've busted the limit of grip. Perhaps that makes it less friendly than the regular car, but that's what happens when you make things racy. It narrows the focus. And certainly sharpens the senses...