Stig vs the 12C Spider

The roof itself, like the Ferrari's, was co-developed with German folding-roof specialists Webasto. It's neat and smooth, but two things stop it being a total treat - the motors are on the noisy side, and the SMC plastic panels (as well as the roof, most of the back of the car is made from it) feel a bit cheap to the touch. Small points, but worth raising on a car costing so much.

Can't complain about practicality, though. Yes, I know this is a two-seat supercar, but McLaren's research shows, of the 1,500-odd coupes sold so far, many are being used every day. Clearly, the firm is doing something right, something it doesn't want to undermine with the introduction of the Spider. One of the compromises it had to arrive at was the loss of the rear parcel shelf. With only a 144-litre boot under the nose, this clearly niggled the engineers, so they came up with something. Buttress bags. Yes, really.