Stig vs the 12C Spider

This isn't my first experience of the car - I drove this one 65 kilometers up from the coast at some dark hour this morning, and it was utterly peerless. I couldn't detect a single deterioration from the coupe's driving experience - it still had the uncannily smooth ride quality, the sharp turn-in and sense of agility that the coupe is rightly praised for. Even thumping into expansion joints, there wasn't a single kick through the steering or shake from the rear-view mirror. It was remarkable.

My favourite feature wasn't even the roof itself, but the electric glass rear window. It's a wind deflector, really (not that the car needs one, as cabin buffeting is minimal even with it lowered), but I prefer to think of it as a roof-up volume control. Raised, the Spider is every bit as refined as the coupe, but drop the window and the extra volume is shocking. You'd never believe a single piece of glass could make so much difference to cabin insulation.