Stig vs the 12C Spider

But you don't want insulation, you want volume, you want to hear the snargly V8, and the Spider lets you do that so much better. The deep, chesty, gargly growl still isn't a particularly pretty noise, but it's a proper accompaniment to the way the McLaren hurls you down the road. Or track.

Oh ho, this thing is good around Ascari. I've never driven another drop-top supercar that's taken to the track as convincingly as this. Never. It's utterly solid, stable and trustworthy, has beautiful balance, lovely steering and is deeply, deeply fast. The drawbacks, such as they are, are common to the coupe as well - the brakes aren't as progressive as they should be, I'd like the seat to have more under-thigh support and the doors aren't easy to navigate when climbing in and out.