Stig vs the 12C Spider

But it sears around Ascari with the confidence and attitude of a genuine racer, yet is notably less uptight than the coupe. It's more exuberant, doesn't take itself quite so seriously. It's hard to put a finger on why this should be since, roof aside, there are so few differences between hard-and soft-top, but it's a happy thing to be able to report. Incidentally, I love the way it looks, too.

It's a freer spirit, the Spider, less bound by convention. Apart from the extra cost (the mark-up will be small beer to most owners), I can't think of a solitary reason why you might have the coupe. This is a convertible that's won Stig over, for heaven's sake. And here he comes now, anger at my deception clearly emanating from the helmet. Eyeing the clenched fists, I yield the driver's seat so he can embark on more tyre torture. The better to concentrate, I'd left the roof up. Stig puts it down.

(Words: Ollie Marriage, Photos: Rowan Horncastle)