Style or Power: Vespa 150 and Aprilia SR 150

We’ve come to a point where the mere mention of a 150 indicates the discussion of a motorcycle, more likely an aggressively styled one with reasonable performance to boot. But then the Vespa changed that bit by throwing in their version of a curve ball, but it remained true to what Vespa was all about – style. Yes, it went a bit quicker, but that was more of a bragging right than anything else. It still had the same running gear and tyres and barely managed to crack 100kph. But then, Piaggio stable mate, Aprilia decided to do a version of the 150cc scooter and add a bit of their DNA to it. The result is the SR 150 it is bathed in sharp lines and character. These two 150cc scooters don’t just break the 125cc barrier that we seem to have been stuck with for several years, but they are also as different as chalk and cheese can be, despite sharing the same bloodline so to speak.