Suzuki Grand Vitara Rally-Spec: Alter Ego

These days, getting into a new car to review has come down to a standard drill – open door, get in, snap seatbelt on, thank the man for the keys and drive off.

So I’m stopped in my tracks a bit as I try getting into the driving seat of this rally-bred Suzuki Grand Vitara. I’m standing there wondering how to slide through a doorway that is nearly half blocked by a bloody roll cage? And an SUV naturally comes with higher ground clearance – the combination of height and roll cage obstacle calls for advanced levels of gymnastic skills.

The size of my audience is growing as I try to figure out the most dignified way to get into the driver’s seat. After some trial and error, success is finally mine! And my celebration is short-lived – I’ve never been strapped into a rally-spec SUV before, and by now, even the Maruti service engineer is running out of patience as he gives me instructions.