Suzuki Grand Vitara Rally-Spec: Alter Ego

Right now, I don’t care that it’s 40 degrees Celsius outside and I don’t have an AC on at full blast. I don’t care that the right window is stuck and there is dust coming in. Or the fact that they’ve not added a set of turbos or fiddled with the ECU to boost power. What I do care about is the amount of fun I’m having in the Vitara right now. They’ve thrown out all the gadgetry that takes away from driving experience.     

It’s been a long day of pushing the Vitara to its limits – actually, more like the Vitara pushing me to mine. Maruti has done good. A vehicle that began life as an urban soft-roader has ended up as a gravel-chewing beast. And while it may not have an impressive set of power figures on paper, on dirt tracks such as this one, this Vitara reigns supreme.

(Words: Abhinav Mishra, Photos: Nitin Rose)