Suzuki Grand Vitara Rally-Spec: Alter Ego

Rally-spec Suzuki Grand Vitra

The numbers
Engine:  Petrol 4-cyl 2393cc
Power: 163.5bhp, Torque: 225Nm
Transmission: 5M, Weight: 1400kg (approx)
Fuel Economy: 4.3kpl
Price: Rs 8-12 lakh over regular Vitara (depending on speccing)

Pros: Superb handler on and off road, offers unadulterated rally experience
Cons: If you really want to nitpick, then low-end power is the only thing we can think of. Oh, and the 4.3kpl!


The verdict
An impressive job by the Maruti team, which has transformed this mundane urban soft-roader into a rally champion.