Suzuki Inazuma: Lightning as leisure

I pull over next to a milestone that says “Agra 55km”. The Suzuki Inazuma looks best from the rear, with the twin exhaust jutting out on either side of the wheel. Nitin sets up his camera for a quick set of pictures.

That done, I get back on the seat, put on my helmet and start moving. The bike feels a bit sluggish from standstill. Nothing alarming, but it is taking its time building speed. And then I look at the gear indicator and realise I’d started the bike in fifth. Gives you an idea of how much low-end torque there is in this little twin-cylinder motor.

Before we get to the engine, a little bit of history. Older Inazumas were based on the Bandit platform, and the range ran from 400cc to 1,200cc. These bikes had a round headlight inspired by machines from the '70s, and were in production until 2007 for developed markets.