Suzuki Intruder 800 and Maruti Alto 800: Colonial cousins

It’s quite impossible for the Alto 800 and the Intruder M800 to have the same engine. Fitting the Intruder’s four-stroke, 2-cylinder, liquid-cooled, 805cc V-twin, motor in an Alto 800 would result in a power-to-weight ratio disaster. And how on earth would you plonk the hatchback’s 3-cylinder, 796cc motor into a Suzuki motorcycle? It’s like asking Priyanka Chopra to be on the daily diet of a sumo wrestler and still stay as slim as she is.

What are we doing with this unconventional combination of vehicles? The answer is simple. Or not. TopGear India turns eight this year, so we decided to set out on a unique trip – 800+ kilometres driving an 800cc car and an 800cc bike. So we’ve taken an 800cc Suzuki hatchback and an 800cc Suzuki motorcycle on an 800km road trip from Delhi to the Wagah border via Amritsar. Which seems like a good opportunity to test the two Suzuki 800s in the real world – and while we’re at it, have sumptuous meals at Punjabi dhabas, and visit historic sites such as the Wagah border, Jallianwala Baug and the Golden Temple.