Take a step back in time with these amazing racecars

Pictures only tell half the story. Because on Saturday, a superlative collection of astonishing race machinery took to Laguna Seca for a celebration of excellence. Welcome, to the Monterey Motorsports Reunion. By collection, we refer you to the 551 historic racers from 1911 right through to 1995 that took to Laguna’s lightly terrifying 3.4km layout.

Last Thursday and Friday they practised and they qualified. Saturday? They raced. Properly raced. Seeing period-correct cars going flat out, the noise of those astonishing race engines reverberating around the track was indeed something to behold. There were a massive 15 categories of racer on display, including F1, Can-Am and Trans-Am cars.

Nissan was the first Japanese manufacturer to be celebrated at the track, with a selection of classic Nissan racers doing crowd-pleasing service, while Mika Hakkinen got the whole of Laguna Seca to himself for a spine-tingling run in the McLaren F1 GTR. So, you’ll have to imagine the noise as you scroll through these pics from the day.

Photography: Rolex