Taking the Suzuki Intruder for a ride

Where do you belong when you think ‘Japanese motorcycle’? If the visceral imagery of a howling inline-four threatening to beat the wind into submission is the first thing that comes to mind, give yourself a pat on the back. However, chrome, lots of metal and surfing into sunsets on waves of torque is an infectious idea.

And despite having been unashamedly ‘inspired’ by a certain breed of pigs, Japanese cruisers have evolved into a unique species over the years, full of attributes native to the country they come from. These attributes cause a certain breed of people, found wearing fake leather embedded with rivets, chains and whatnot, to say that Japanese cruisers are nothing but cheap imitations that lack ‘soul’ and ‘character’. Hogwash aside, does this apply to the newest Jap cruiser on our roads, the Intruder M800?