Taking the Suzuki Intruder for a ride

With 52bhp @ 6000rpm and 68Nm @ 4000rpm from the 805cc V-twin, the city blurs past far quicker than usual, though my senses aren’t exactly swept away by an adrenaline tsunami. Also, within an hour of riding the M800 for the first time, I have already achieved a number of hitherto un-achieved things. As soon as I find myself swallowed by the first tunnel on the road, I grin, pull in the clutch and let my right hand have its way, only for the biggest anti-climax in recent memory. Instead of a leonine roar, all that prevails is a tame sound that fails even to drown out the almost-mocking noise of an autorickshaw ahead. It’s a bit sad, but the M800 is never going to make you feel like Zeus in all his thundering glory.

Then, strangely, I find myself not exceeding 80kph – the M800 wants to keep a constant 80kph-juggernaut thing going, occasionally bursting forward to seek uninterrupted tarmac past slower traffic. It’s almost as if putting my feet forward on a motorcycle has slowed/calmed me down for once. For the first time in my life, the thought crosses my mind – “Superman never flies with his feet first, does he? No wonder sportsbikes put their riders headlong into the wind.” Inane observations aside, no cruiser has cajoled me into not exceeding speed limits for as long as the M800. What does that say? Well, even as I pull up among my bikes parked at home, I haven’t figure it out. Instead, I sit down next to the Intruder and look at it for the first time.